We double check your goods before shipment, thus ensuring a high level of service quality. Prepared batches are identified using EAN barcode labels generated by our WMS.
The movement history is optimized thanks to our mobile radio frequency terminals. We thus guarantee perfect traceability for your shipping service. At any time, you can check the status of your stocks by logging into your space, which is 100% secure.


Traceability refers to the situation where we have the necessary and sufficient information to know (possibly retrospectively) the composition of a material or a commercial product throughout its chain of production, processing and of distribution.
And this, in any place whatsoever, and from the first origin of the product to its end of life, either as the saying goes: “from the cradle to the grave” for industrial products, or from the slogan “From farm to fork” for an agricultural food product.
The rules and good practices in terms of traceability are determined by standards and / or national or international control bodies. All the batches made up are identified using the EAN barcode labels generated by our WMS. This is why we thus guarantee you perfect traceability for your products, by batch number and / or pallet number.