Our solutions

WAYLOG offers you a set of powerful solutions based on reliable processes, technical and human resources, to meet your needs on short deadlines. Flexible, we adapt our services to your project and distribution strategy. We guarantee an optimal quality of service.

Receipt of goods

As the first step in managing your logistics flows, receiving goods is a key process in the supply chain. WAYLOG efficiently organizes the reception of your products, controls the cost of exploitation of this operation and integrates your stock in real time.

Réception de marchandises WAYLOG


We ensure a FIFO and/or LIFO management of your stocks, respecting the nature and the date of your products. Our powerful equipment and the experience of our team ensures you an optimized storage, secure and adapted to your needs.


Benefit from a “wall to wall” organization: we store your products in our warehouse and then package them according to your specifications, before their re-shipment. We guarantee control of costs, quality and delays by simplifying flows.

Co-packing de marchandises - Solutions logistiques WAYLOG
Cross-docking de marchandises WAYLOG


Our management of the organization of your logistics flows allows us to offer you a high-performance cross-docking solution. We accompany you from the reception of your supply flows until the shipment of your final lots.


Last step in the management of your logistics flows, the shipment of goods is a key process of the supply chain. WAYLOG efficiently organizes the shipping of your products, controls its operating cost and integrates your outflows in real time.

Expédition de marchandises avec WAYLOG