Receipt of goods

As the first step in managing your logistics flows, receiving goods is a key process in the supply chain. WAYLOG efficiently organizes the reception of your products, controls the cost of exploitation of this operation and integrates your stock in real time. Effective, the WAYLOG reception solution consists of 4 main steps:


1 – Scheduling

We plan with you your incoming goods, supplies and upstream purchases. We guarantee the good management of your supply chain. The information circulates between all the actors in a fluid way, bringing reactivity and efficiency.
Our flexible planning can be supported by setting up an EDI of your choice. On request, we will propose a feasibility and cost study adapted to your needs and your budget.


2 – Reception and unloading

The WAYLOG teams receive your carriers and unload your goods in accordance with the specifications drawn up with you. Your goods transit to control areas before storage.


3 – Controls and traceability

Upon receipt of your products, we systematically check their quality, condition of packaging and we ensure quantities ordered from your supplier.
The products are then labeled (EAN barcodes). Our radio frequency system covers the entire process and ensures optimal traceability in real time. All the documents are edited and you can consult them by connecting directly to your intranet space, 100% secure.


4 – Palletizing and placing in stock

We condition your goods if necessary before putting them in stock.
We optimize the management of your sites while ensuring security for your stored products.


5 – Customer service

Our team is at your service from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12am and from 2pm to 5pm.

WAYLOG in Nimes and Lunel-Viel: modern platforms, computerized and 100% secure.