WAYLOG offers 50,000 m² of fully secure covered storage, optimal traceability of the different movements and fully computerized locations.
We ensure a FIFO and / or LIFO management of your stocks, respecting the nature and the date of your products. Our efficient equipment and the experience of our team ensures you an optimized storage and adapted to your needs.


1 – Controls and identification

The products are systematically checked and labeled before they are placed in stock, we use barcode labels to the latest EAN standards. All data is recorded in real time, thanks to our radio frequency terminals, to ensure optimal traceability.
The DLUO are also identified on each batch of goods, and comply with the regulations in force.
You can view the status of your inventory at any time by logging into your 100% secure space.


2 – Addressing and placing in stock

Your entire stock is sent electronically, which makes it easier to manage.
Each location is optimized, since your goods are checked and repalettised if necessary before storage.
Each operation is computerized along the water to ensure a complete history of each movement.


3 – FIFO or LIFO management

In order to guarantee the good management of your stock, to answer your specifications and to respect the regulations in force, we can assure a management FIFO or LIFO of your products.
This batch management ensures the optimization of your best-before date and considerably limits the obsolescence of your products as well as the risk of dormant stocks.


4 – Replenishment et picking

We ensure the complete management of your outlets, for your replenishment and picking operations.
The provision of your goods is facilitated by our dedicated computer system.
Our flexible planning can be supported by setting up an EDI of your choice.
On request, we will propose a feasibility and cost study adapted to your needs and your budget.


5 – Inventory / Intranet

We ensure your rotating and annual inventories, according to your specifications and as soon as possible.
Our organization and our know-how guarantee you reliable inventories without blocking your activity.
The gaps that could be identified are easily justifiable thanks to our traceability, we guarantee you a perfect management of your costs.
At any time you can check the status of your inventory by logging into your space, 100% secure.


6 – Customer service

Our team is at your service from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12am and from 2pm to 5pm.

WAYLOG in Nimes and Lunel-Viel: modern platforms, computerized and 100% secure.