Waylog acquires new forklifts!

To gain speed and performance, WAYLOG has equipped us with our forklift trucks: the TOYOTA BT REFLEX SERIES E. Retractable mast and tilting cabin for maneuverability and optimum safety. We tell you more!

The advantages

With its new elevation heights, the BT Reflex range is the standard in terms of vertical performance. Toyota now offers models with lower ratings instead of the high-capacity models usually available for large elevations only.
The new, completely redesigned mast combines heights (up to 13 meters) and innovations: refined rip-profile and cylinder, hose position and open fork carriage (with integrated side shift apron) help to perfect the vision on the load and therefore safety and productivity. Optimized retraction control promotes excellent stability and precise control of the mast.
The other notable improvement is Toyota’s transparent protective roof, which, combined with the new mast, provides the operator with superb vertical visibility with minimal eye-strain on the load. With its better protected components, this new mast is also an excellent choice in terms of maintenance and robustness.

Speed ​​and comfort

The tilting cab and Transitional Lift Control (TLC) are unique features offered by Toyota. Already present on previous versions, they have been perfected on new models. The tilting movement of the TLC-controlled cab not only brings great comfort to working at height, but also gives the operator better visibility. Moving loads is more ergonomic, productive and safe. With the TLC, the maximum speeds for handling pallets are optimized by smoothly lifting / lowering. The driver controls the load perfectly and his performance progresses.
As always at Toyota, the driver is at the heart of the design of the trolleys. The controls, the steering wheel, the seat, the floor, everything is adjustable depending on the morphology of the operator. Management has been improved and different profiles are possible depending on the driver’s experience. The steering wheel automatically moves to the upright position, guaranteeing a start in the direction of travel and therefore maximum safety. The entire range comes standard with the Optimized Truck Performance (OTP), which enhances control of the retraction and the forklift when cornering: an added advantage in terms of safety and productivity.
Laser fork positioning aid is another piece of equipment that facilitates the placement of forks in front of pallet tunnels at all levels in the shelving, thereby reducing material damage.